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And so it begins

Words can’t express how excited (and terrified!) I am to be writing my first-ever blog post. As part of the process of my becoming a freelance artist and CEO, I wanted to share aspects of this time with you all. As they say, it’s not always about reaching the top of the mountain, it’s about the climb. (Maybe that was a Miley Cyrus song?)

Being a hair and makeup artist runs through my veins, it’s never really felt like a job to me, but more of a hobby that supports my lifestyle. While I’m creating looks, it’s almost as if I go into a little meditative state, returning to reality once I’m finished with that last spray of hairspray or dab of powder across the face. Of course (and I am continuing to grow), this took years to develop, not only in terms of my skill set but also in my ability to really focus and stay positive under pressure. I’ve always loved the beauty industry but never really took the leap into freelancing. I always needed the safety and progression of a full-time job to keep me on track. After working for big brands, travelling the world and living in different countries, it was here in Berlin where I really felt the most supported in taking that big leap. Berlin is the second largest startup city in the world; it is a melting pot of different nationalities and industries and has an amazing creative scene. I knew that if it wasn’t now, it would be never, and after encouraging other people to follow their dreams, I am finally dedicated to working on my own. So here I am! Writing blogs and sharing my story, tips and tricks, favourite products and brands, as well as behind the scenes looks, and too the steps I’m taking to developing my own conscious luxury, industry-improved accessories line.

Eighteen months ago, while I was doing one of my client’s hair, I had an idea. At the time my German speaking skills were almost non-existent, so by using just photos and hand gestures we did the consultation and I began cutting. During this hour of silence (which I love by the way), my mind wandered and I started to think about the photoshoot I had coming up, the products I might need to buy and when I needed to begin preparing my kit. This is a huge job in itself: washing brushes, making sure you’re packing absolutely everything you might need. It was then that I remembered my kit needed repairing because it had broken on a job earlier that month. Kits are a struggle, let me tell you! I have been through so many in my career and have never managed to find one that was stylish or lightweight enough, or that maintained a functionality I could rely on. When you’re working in big cities where you don’t have a car to take you from A to B, or elevators to take you from the ground to the top level, the things that are the most practical become the most important. So it was thanks to my lack of communication skills, and to my client’s desire to sit and stare at herself in the mirror, that I had that brain wave, one that I thought was original and unique and that could change the way artists like me work. I thought to myself, “I’ll just design and make one myself, how hard can that be?”

Since then, my ideas have taken me to Portugal, Poland and the UK, and they have questioned everything I thought I knew about fashion: materials, sustainability, and ethical business on both a national and international level. Most importantly, I have questioned and challenged myself, and my belief system and values. In life, you can be, do and have whatever it is that your heart desires. I am really looking forward to sharing my Beauty•Full life with you.

Join me on my journey.

Jess xxx