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Beauty hair and makeup is all about the fine and delicate details. The art in this work is in the finishing touches, so whether it is enhancing a natural beauty spot, putting that one eyelash back in place or taming a single flyaway hair, everything should have its place and purpose. Beauty stories are generally shot very close which means that there is nowhere to hide; any flaws in your work will instantly be magnified. Beauty work is predominately about the skin (which I am 100 per cent in favour of), bone structure and tonal variations. As an artist, you have to focus on the model’s strongest features and find a way to enhance them in the subtlest way. For editorials, portfolio work or brand images, it is about beginning with a natural, flawless look and building on that to communicate a story. I love to create a flow of images that encapsulate beauty and design, femininity and imperfect perfection. It is extremely satisfying for me to create clean, glossy, eye-catching concepts that push the boundaries of traditional “no makeup” makeup looks and traditional sleek and pull back hairstyles.






Aron Neville